About us

Who we are

Angelplay are a team of dedicated and experienced professionals, each with a proven track record. We offer high quality creative communications at affordable prices. Our structure has been deliberately developed to enable us to offer clients a full range of creative services without the usual high costs and overheads associated with traditional agency structures.

How we work

Angelplay meet the creative, business and financial objectives of our clients by avoiding over management, in most cases giving clients direct access to their own creative team. We feel that carefully selected dedicated teams, used on a project by project basis, offers consistency, flexibility and value, but most importantly, gets results. As a rarity these days, we’re known for honesty, integrity and delivering what we say, when we say. We enjoy doing what we do, it’s as simple as that.

What we do

Angelplay are able to undertake almost any creative project, however large or small. Whether creating a fully integrated national campaign for a household name, or a new logo for a small business, our passion is to produce creative communications that work. Skills include corporate identity, websites, design-for-print, direct mail, advertising, copywriting, illustration, photography, exhibitions, point-of-sale and signage. Basically anything you might need to fulfill a successful marketing campaign. Increasingly, we're also working with budding writers, artists, illustrators, photographers, movie makers and musicians, enabling them to publish their own work. If required, we're able to help market and distribute the finished product, helping to reach the widest possible audience.

The environment

Angelplay are committed to playing a part in protecting the environment. Our concern goes way beyond just recycling paper and other business waste. We work from a purpose-built studio, which complies with the latest environmental and building standards. When it comes to printed matter, wherever possible, we use vegetable-based inks and paper that is either recycled or sourced from sustainable forests, where the trees that are felled are replaced with new ones. As far as possible, we also check that our suppliers share the same concerns for the world we live in.


Angelplay are based in Cornwall and the Midlands. We draw inspiration from the natural beauty of both areas that has led generations of artists to visit for creative inspiration.

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