Support services

Photography and illustration

The projects we undertake often require a number of support skills to help make then work effectively, principally illustration and photography. Angelplay are unusual in that we can provide these skills in-house. However, should we feel that a project would benefit from outside input, we have long-standing relationships with other photographers, illustrators and artists who can be brought in to work with us on a project-by-project basis.

Copywriting and translation

Whatever the size of your project, we're able to either write copy from scratch, or are happy to simply edit supplied or existing text. When writing copy, we take the time to fully understand your business and what it's trying to portray, all aimed at ensuring the final copy is appropriately targeted to be as succinct and effective as possible. If your publications need translating from or into another language, this poses no problem. Over the years we've established contacts with translators that can be trusted to deliver a perfect result and who compliment the same high standards we set ourselves.

Office and business communications

When building and portraying a consistent corporate identity (CI), it's important that this reflects itself within all office and internal communications. From invoices to statements and PowerPoint presentations to PDFs, we're able to ensure your CI is far more effective than simply just having a pretty logo!

Media buying and print management

With years of buying experience, we're able negotiate the best deals when the time comes to print or publish your literature, adverts or web campaigns. From national or local press to websites and outdoor spaces, we're happy to research the market in order to recommend an effective media spend for your organisation. Once work is underway, we use our experience to ensure that the end result is of the highest quality, often involving press passes and pre-production proofs to ensure work is reproduced and delivered without encountering any problems or delays.

Publishing and merchandise

If you're an artist, writer, poet or photographer and want to self-publish your work, Angelplay are able to help and can provide as much (or as little) help as you require. Whatever stage you're at with your project, we'll offer the encouragement, direction and technical know-how to ensure your dream becomes a reality, ultimately leading to your work becoming available for distribution. Briefly, we offer the following publishing services: editing and proof reading; design and artwork for book jackets and page layouts; print and distribution; marketing; websites; merchandise and PR support.

Press releases and public relations

As part of our fully integrated marketing service, we're able to publicise important news relating to product launches, events and other information that needs to be highlighted. We take care of everything and can write, photograph and distribute your news in a variety of ways, including press, online and your own website's news area.

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

There's no point in purely building a great looking website if it can't be found, or only works within a small number of internet browsers. As such, we only build robust websites, which include as much in-built SEO as possible from the start. For those who require active on-going SEO, we can offer this as an additional service to the initial build of the website.

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